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What is tipi?

Actually, the definition "Tcl preprocessor" isn't correct. To be precise, Tipi should be defined "Macro processor designed to be used on Tcl code, that has similar features as the C preprocessor". But that's a bit too long to take place in the title graphic...

Tipi has a set of the principal features of a C preprocessor:

  • Macro substitution
  • Conditional inclusion/exclusion of ranges of code (e.g. debugging code)
  • Insert the content of another file

Tipi commands can be placed in the comments of your Tcl script, so your code can easily be executed even if it isn't passed throug Tipi.

It is possible to make Tipi to read a single file as input and to write the output to another file. Tipi is also capable to process and execute directly an application which may be composed of several files.

Tipi is NOT "official" Tcl software! I wrote it mainly for a personal need, and put it online just because it may be useful for someone else too.

What other software do Tipi need?

Tipi is a Tcl script. Therefore it needs Tcl 8.0 or higher.

Where can I find Tipi

You can download releases here. If you want to take a look to the latest development version you can find it in the CVS Repository.

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